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Free Ideas for Gift Making

Thank you for your request for free Gift Recipes! You've seen them in health food stores, gift shops and spas everywhere..........Dead Sea Bath Salts in pretty packages/bottles with a bit of aromatherapy added commanding prices of $20.00/lb. on up to over $300.00 per pound!!!! And wonderful gifts these are, too..........always welcomed by the recipient as a pleasurable indulgence.

Now, with this information, you can have fun creating your own, personalized gifts in an Amazingly Affordable way. With the information I provide you here, you will be launched on a life-time of creative bath salt gift making limited only by your imagination!

It's so simple, so elegant, so rewarding. And SO appreciated by all recipients! Purchase one or more of our Famous 5-lb. Buckets of Dead Sea Amazing Minerals Bath Salts (don't delay, invite a few friends over, and get ready to laugh and relax together while creating Bath Salt masterpieces for a FRACTION of retail.

Purple Gift Box(Please note: If you are under a doctors' care, please consult with her/him prior to utilizing Bath Salts or Essential Oils.)

You'll need:

  • A glass bowl (plastic can absorb essential oils and fragrances)
  • A wooden or stainless steel spoon (for mixing - again, plastic can absorb the oils and fragrances you might use)
  • Dead Sea Warehouse Amazing Minerals Bath Salts
  • A few of your favorite essential oils (available at fine health foods stores and drugstores everywhere)
  • And/Or a few of your favorite fragrances (available at craft stores everywhere.....not my first choice as I prefer natural everything whenever possible, and most fragrances are chemical in nature, but they can be used)
  • Packaging of your choice (Everything from pretty little clear plastic bags that you fill with your finished salts and tie closed with gorgeous ribbons to fancy glass bottles available in craft stores, flea markets, gift stores, etc. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to your chosen packaging, so experiment, be creative and have fun!)

Basic RecipeBlue Gift Box

  1. One pound (2 cups) Dead Sea Warehouse Amazing Minerals Bath Salts placed in glass bowl
  2. 3 to 6 drops essential oil of your choice (see Important Essential Oil notes below) sprinkled into bath salts in bowl - less is more so don't overdue the essential oil
  3. Mix well with wooden or stainless steel spoon
  4. Choose packaging - pour in scented Dead Sea Warehouse Amazing Minerals Bath Salts - Share with family, friends, co-workers (and don't forget YOU, Too!) Voila! Amazingly Affordable, Amazingly Effective Dead Sea Warehouse Amazing Minerals Bath Salt Gifts at a FRACTION of retail prices!

(Aren't you smart?????)

Important Notes on Popular Essential Oil Choices For Scenting Your Dead Sea Warehouse Amazing Minerals Bath SaltsColorful Bath Salts

  • Never Ever Use Pure Essential Oils Directly on Skin.
  • Always Dilute by putting into Bath Salts or Directly into Tub Water.
  • Pure Essential Oils can Irritate the Skin
  • All Essential Oils should be used with care. For External Use Only.
  • During Pregnancy, use with care only as recommended by an Aromatherapist.

That being said, now it's time to explore a few of the worlds' favorite essential oils and their renowned properties, so you can pick and choose which to share with your friends, family and co-workers in your wonderful Dead Sea Warehouse Amazing Minerals Bath Salt Gifts ....White Gift Box

  • Eucaplytus - Distilled from leaves of tree. Fresh, menthol aroma. Perfect for colds, coughs, congestion. Excellent for tired and sore muscles.
  • Lavender - Extracted from the lavender plant. Most popluar of all essential oils. Calming. Alleviates tension.
  • Mandarin - Extracted from the rind of the fruit. Calming and gentle relaxant, especially for insomnia and nervousness. Contributes to skin elasticity.
  • Orange - Distilled from the rind of the fruit. Relieves insomnia, anxiety and tension. Detoxifies. Lymphatic stimulant.
  • Patchouli - Extracted from the leaves of the herb. Especially popular with baby boomers as it was a big hit in the 70's! Relieves anxiety and stress. Alluring, seductive scent.
  • Ylang-Ylang - Distilled from the flowers of the tree. Exotic floral scent! (One of my personal favorites). Very sensual. Strongly euphoric. Helps alleviate anger, stress, insomnia.

Special Christmas Holiday Season ChoicesGreen Gift Box

  • Frankincense - Extracted from the tree resin. Spicy and woodsy scent. Soothing and balancing to emotions. Rejuvenating for mature skin/wrinkles.
  • Myrrh - Extracted from the resin of the tree. Warm and musty scent. Slight stimulant with euphoric properties.
  • Pine - Extracted from the wood of pine trees. Woodsy aroma. Stimulating, uplifting properties! Promotes circulation. Muscle relaxant.

Red Gift BoxRemember, Essential Oils have health-enhancing properties. Used wisely and properly, they will enhance your life experience naturally and fragrantly.

When I teach classes on bath salt gift creation, I'm asked which brands of essential oils I prefer. Personally, I am fond of the following four brands:Pink Gift Box

      • Simplers
      • Tisserand
      • Young Living
      • DoTerra

However, there are many good brands available. Talk to the sales people at your favorite health food store. Smell a few of the different brands and see which you prefer! But most of all, indulge, create and enjoy!

Wishing you all the best the world has to offer,

Annie Cunningham
Founder & CEO
Dead Sea Warehouse, Inc

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