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Dead Sea Warehouse Amazing Minerals Salt Soap The Big Bar

Customer Testimonial:

Annie and family,

This soap is amazing. AMAZING! I had used oragnic and natural products on my skin for about a year and my silly behind, in an effort to be thrifty, bought a cleanser from Target to see if I was just imagining the results from natural products. I woke up with the crapppiest skin I'd ever seen on my face! I could fry an egg on my cheek it was so oily and I developed little bumps on my forehead and jawline. I was mortified because my efforts had gone to waste the second I went back to chemically loaded prodcuts from HELL.

Well, I'd considered your Dead Sea Warehouse Original Face & Body Bar for quite some time but the price was the only thing making me keep walking past the aisle. I'm on a strict budget. I finally gave in last Friday after seeing an overload of glowing, healthy sun-kissed skin on a warm day and then looking in the mirror. Annie, in ONE use my skin improved! ONE. This is my third day using it and the bumps are gone and I'm glowing like I'm pregnant! I cannot thank you enough! I have recommended this soap to EVERYONE I know and bought one for my grandmother who has very dry skin. If I hear of ANYONE having a skin problem of any kind I will be sure to mention your fabulous soap.

Warmest regards EVER,
Marcella Glowing Skin Licea, Sonoma, Ca.

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Dead Sea Warehouse Original Face & Body Bar
The Big Bar

...Feel Better, Look Better, Be Better, Naturally!

Kiss the Itchies Goodbye!!!


The same as my original 4 oz. pour Original Face & Body Bar only

BIGGER (and many think) BETTER
(Double the cure time = harder bar = lasts longer!)

Experience my WILDLY POPULAR skin-soothing Dead Sea Warehouse Original Face & Body Bar just like our original 4 oz. pour Dead Sea Original Face & Body Bar**. Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil and loads of Dead Sea Minerals.....NO SCENT, NO COLORANTS...slowly and lovingly hand measured, stirred, poured, trimmed and packaged here in the U.S.A. Nothing prepared me for the market place excitement this simple, effective soap has created. Customers tell me they carry it with them at all times, even hide their soap from others. DISCOVER WHY....And Feel the Differences Immediately!

*Naturally soothing and non-drying for itch free skin!
*Dead Sea Minerals support clear, healthy, silken results!
*Hand measured, hand mixed, hand poured, hand trimmed, hand packaged here in the U.S. by well paid soap makers!
*Great for all skin types, face and body, especially sensitive skin!
*Unscented, Uncolored - naturally!

Be comfortable in your own skin, Naturally!

No animal testing. Vegan.

Ingredients (INCI): Saponified Oils of Olives, Palm and Coconut, Dead Sea Minerals.

Please Note: Dead Sea Warehouse is committed to non-gmo oils in their soap making. (Click Here for More Information).

Also, in support of the habitat of all wildlife and lives of the indigenous peoples of the jungles, Dead Sea Warehouse is committed to sourcing its Palm Oils for all soap making needs from suppliers who belong to the "Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil". (Click Here for a certificate from our supplier)

**Weight is approx. 5.2 oz. after 6 month cure. (Yes, 6 months on my curing racks getting skin-soothing for you!!). Also available in the original 4 oz. pour here

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