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To make the Amazingly Effective Dead Sea products an Amazingly Affordable,
Amazingly Accessible, mineral saturated every day choice! 

The cleansing bar is great! My itchy skin seems to have disappeared and my husband says his eczema does not bother him as much as it used to!". M.S., N.Y.

Once Upon A Time...

Annie & Charly, 2016In the year 2001, while working in the herb section of my local health food store, I became aware of the multitude of properties inherent in mineral-rich products from the Dead Sea. At the same time, I learned that one of my nephews had been using the Dead Sea bath salts to manage a throbbing pain he continued to experience in a leg he had severely injured in a car accident.

Intrigued, I asked my husband, Charly, to try the Dead Sea Bath Salts on his painful fingers. Lo and behold, he would, after a 10-minute soak, regain pain-free use of his hands for up to 4 hours after!

Always having suffered from just plain dry, itchy skin, I then decided to test the Dead Sea Bath Salts for their skin-softening ability. The results were amazing! My skin felt silky smooth and totally itch free! No body lotion needed! 

Now I was hooked. The problem? THE PRICE!!! 

In 2002, Dead Sea Bath Salts averaged $7.00 to $12.00 per pound. ADJUSTED FOR INFLATION, AS OF 2023, THIS EQUALS $11.39 TO $19.52 PER POUND !!! (And still, thru an undying commitment to exceptionality, incredible employees and the willingness to overcome any and all obstacles in our way Dead Sea Warehouse keeps our costs, as of 2023, in our most famous biggest seller - my first ever product - the 5 lb. Bucket with a handle of 100% full mineral Dead Sea Bath Salts - at under $5.80 per pound!!! For you....)

Something had to be done.

With the promise of one account and a giant leap of faith - I began Dead Sea Warehouse in 2002 - a direct import company committed to making these incredible 100% Full Mineral Dead Sea Bath Salts an affordable addition to your daily life.

Dead Sea Warehouse, Inc. products can now be found on the shelves of fine Co-ops and health food stores, pharmacies, retailers including Whole Foods, Sprouts Stores, Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottages, King Soopers, Fred Meyers, QFC's, Ralph's and many other Kroger owned supermarkets, too! Dead Sea Warehouse is also distributed throughout Australia as well. And continues to make its mark as one of the best-sellers in personal care departments wherever it's sold.

Due to popular demand, I added the Dead Sea Warehouse Mud Mask (for face, body and hair) to the line in 2003 as well as my proprietary, hand-mixed and hand-poured in tiny batches Dead Sea Warehouse Original Face & Body Bar - Oh So Soothing to dry, itchy skin! In 2009 I worked with my cosmetic creator to develop and add my beloved Dead Sea Mineral Saturated Moisturizer and Skin Polish, too!

Welcome to the Dead Sea Warehouse website, where you can Relax! It's "Fine-ly" Affordable. Questions? Comments? Contact us at: Orders@DeadSeaWarehouse.com and we'll reply within 48 business hours**, if not sooner.

In gratitude for the wonderful support of our world-wide customers these past 20 years!

Wishing you all the best the world has to offer, Naturally!

Annie Cunningham, Founder & CEO

**Note: In 2020 we went from the traditional "9-5, Monday - Friday" to the fast growing 4 day/10 hour day movement to provide my employees with three consecutive personal days each week, and it's TERRIFIC! Our business hours are now: Monday - THURSDAY, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST.

Annie's Custom Made in the USA Dead Sea Warehouse Corporate Story Table

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