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Dead Sea Warehouse Amazing Minerals Skin Polish

...Feel Better, Look Better, Be Better, Naturally!

"Love the scrub. It is the only thing that keeps my arms and legs smooth and free from keratosis pilaris!" A.V., Ca. (More Testimonials)

Dead Sea Warehouse Amazing Minerals Skin Polish Full Sized 8.8 oz.SKIN POLISH
Full Sized 8.8 oz.

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Our Dead Sea Warehouse Amazing Minerals Skin Polish was featured on Good Day Sacramento!

Product Testimonials:

The skin polish, bar cleansing bar, and lotion have been amazing in clearing up my teen son's acne. The lotion is our go-to product for our entire family; especially in winter. Thank you for making amazing products that help our health! K.E., WI

I was recently intorduced to the lotion and body polish. After using them a couple of weeks, I LOVE THEM !!!! The lotion moisturizes wonderfully without leaving that greasy feel, and does not have one of those powerful fragrances that stays in the room after you leave. The (Skin) Polish I use every couple of days for my skin type and it really helps in between using the (Dead Sea Warehouse) Mud Mask for keeping my skin clear along with your (Dead Sea Warehouse Salt) Soap!!! I have used those (Mud Mask and Salt Soap) for years now and love them, too. It is a great help with my acne to have these new products on the market as well. And I love being able to get them in airplane-safe sizes so I don't have to submit to using something else when I have to fly. Thanks!! Liz, E.G., Ca.

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