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Dead Sea Warehouse Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

"In 1997 I was struck by an automobile. I sustained compound fractures of both the tibia and fibula in my left leg with major nerve and muscle damage and experienced severe discomfort and pressure in my lower left leg. Over the counter drugs helped a little, but not enough. I tried the (Dead Sea Warehouse) bath salts and the results were amazing to say the least! I can literally feel the pressure just floating away! Not only is the pressure and discomfort relieved, but I am left feeling extremely relaxed, too. I suggest that anyone with any type of pain or discomfort give the Dead Sea Warehouse Bath Salts a whirl." A.W., N.Y

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Q: Can I buy from your warehouse directly or must I purchase through your Amazon links?
A: With apologies, Dead Sea Warehouse does NOT sell direct from their warehouse any longer. Due to rampant inflation in shipping costs, packing materials, labor costs, etc. coupled with product shortages due to the supply chain congestion worldwide (2022 into 2023), Annie made the VERY difficult decision to move all of her online product sales to Amazon only - handled with great care by her 3rd party seller Oceanside Health Products (noted as "Pure Health" on Amazon). If you've been purchasing directly from the warehouse in the past, we thank you! However, we are no longer set up to ship individual orders. Calling and pleading will only result in Annie tossing and turning all night long, feeling badly. Please support one of our many retailers who carry my line (many have carried it for over 15 years now!) or Amazon. Order through AMAZON here

Dead Sea Warehouse Original "Face & Body" Bar 

Dead Sea Warehouse Amazing Minerals Original Salt Soap Face & Body Bar - THE BIG BAR! Dead Sea Warehouse Amazing Minerals Original Salt Soap Face & Body Bar

Q: Wow! I've never used a cleansing bar like this before! I feel soft and itch-free and my skin is glowing! What's the secret? 
A: The secret is in the mineral content and a few special cleansing bar-making procedures we insist upon for this absolutely amazing cleansing bar. I spent a year testing cleansing bar recipes before stepping out of my shower one day and realizing I felt terrific and wasn't even THINKING about body lotion for the first time in my 50 years on the planet!!! I knew this was a very special cleansing bar. We continue to follow the original recipe to the "T", hand-pouring each and every bar in tiny batches. It's saturated with Dead Sea Minerals ! 

Q: I've heard amazing things about this cleansing bar. Come on, now, are they really true? 
A: Well, if you're referring to the people who can't live without this cleansing bar now, yes! Please feel free to check out our "Testimonials" to read what many of my customers have to say about my Dead Sea Warehouse Original Face & Body Bar.

Q: How about Eczema? 
A: Again, I can only pass on to you what my customers have experienced. Many have found great relief from eczema utilizing our products. Surprisingly, even by simply incorporating our Dead Sea Warehouse Original Face & Body Bar into their daily shower! I heard about this from a customer named Bill who phoned me to thank me for my cleansing bar as he was finally able to stop using his eczema medication only 3 days after using my cleansing bar!

Q: And Acne??? 
A: The same! My customers started contacting me to thank me for these products. Utilizing the cleansing bar in their daily routine was clearing up cases of acne they had been struggling with for years! Whether adult or teenage, face or body, there do seem to be enough of the Dead Sea minerals in our hand-poured Dead Sea Warehouse Original Face & Body Bar to help many end the agony of acne. And your skin will be soft and itch free as well!

Q: Is this cleansing bar safe for babies? 
A: Yes, this cleansing bar is safe for everyone. But Please: Remember that it is a salt-based cleansing bar, so do keep it from the eyes. (It won't harm, but it will sting a bit. Flush with water ). 

Dead Sea Warehouse Mud Mask
 (Pure and Perfect for Face, Body & Hair)

Dead Sea Warehouse Amazing Minerals Mud Mask

Q: Can I use this mud everywhere???? 
A: Absolutely! If you go to the Dead Sea, you will see many enjoying the benefits of this amazingly therapeutic mud from head to foot, including hair! Remember, it will re-mineralize everything it touches! Keep from eye and mouth area, though. (and no, you should not eat this mud !!!) 

Bathers enjoying benefits of direct immersion in the Dead SeaBathers enjoying benefits of direct immersion in the Dead Sea

Q: What makes this Dead Sea Warehouse Mud Mask so special? 
A: We begin with 80 to 85% pure black Dead Sea Mud from Israel's finest supplier and add only all-natural skin-loving oils and herbs. 
Second, PRICE !!!! You will find Dead Sea Mud elsewhere for as much as $300.00 a pound!!! (Have you seen all those Kiosks selling Dead Sea Products at shopping malls all across America? Well, stop in someday and check out their pricing. You will fall down!). 

Q: Does it need to dry before removing it for it to be effective? 
A: No, though it's perfectly ok if it does. But not necessary for effectiveness. Simply follow the instructions on the back of every jar and rinse when the time is up for a moisturized, re-mineralized, smooth, soft, glowing look & feel! 3-7 minutes is all that is required, truly.

Q: Isn't it drying ??? 
A: No, quite the opposite. The magic of a true, Dead Sea Mud Mask is that it is moisturizing, not drying.

Q: Can you use it for inflammation?
A: Yes, you most certainly can. Remember, all Dead Sea products (bath salts, mud masks, etc.) contain the same minerals in varying concentrations. Both soaking in a tub with a cup of Dead Sea Warehouse Bath Salts or slapping on some of the Dead Sea Warehouse Mud Mask will have many of the same benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties. 

Dead Sea Warehouse Bath Salts 

Dead Sea Warehouse Amazing Minerals Dead Sea Bath Salts
Famous 5 lb Bucket

Q: I use Epsom Salts. How are the Dead Sea Salts different? 
A: The differences are many. First, Epsom Salts are Magnesium Sulfate only, which is known for its' anti-inflammatory qualities. There are NO OTHER minerals in Epsom Salts. Second, to the best of our knowledge, Epsom Salts are lab created now, whereas the Dead Sea Salts we import (from the Israeli side of the Dead Sea which also borders Jordan) are naturally harvested and solar dried. But MOST IMPORTANTLY, the Dead Sea Salts contain numerous other minerals that address other aspects of the human condition during the same soak! Remember, the magic is in the minerals. 

Q: What other minerals? 
A: Each harvest of Dead Sea Salts is organic in that it is an earth product, not a lab product. Therefore, as with vitamin and antioxidant levels in natural vegetables and fruits, the mineral content of Dead Sea Salts will vary somewhat from harvest to harvest. However, all Dead Sea Salts contain an average of 30%-33% mineral content (whereas other ocean bath salts, such as Pacific or Hawaiian or Celtic, contain a mere 3% mineral content)! These minerals consist primarily of: 

Magnesium - which assists the body in utilizing other nutrients and in cell metabolism. 
- helps regulate muscle contractions and helps to balance skin moisture (100% authentic Dead Sea Products will always be very moisturizing to the skin.....salts, muds and our cleansing bar!!! You won't believe your skin!) 
- detoxifying. Helps expel waste and absorb nourishment.
- helps build healthy bones and teeth. Also cleanses the pores of the skin.
- a 50% higher concentration than other salts, bromides have a very relaxing effect. 
- assists in energy production (necessary for proper production of the hormone thyroxin) 

Harvesting minerals from the Dead Sea in IsraelHarvesting minerals from the Dead Sea in Israel

The soothing effects of bathing in the Dead Sea have been known since ancient times especially for stress relief, skin-silkening, relief from arthritis and rheumatism, eczema and psoriasis. People continue to travel to the Dead Sea from all over the world to take the waters for their many conditions, and many insurance companies elsewhere in the world cover the costs! (No U.S. companies that we are aware of, unfortunately.) 

Q: Why do your directions for your Dead Sea Warehouse Bath Salts state to use warm water, not hot, in a Dead Sea mineral bath? 
A: Hot water is not good for the skin generally. It can strip the skin of its' natural oil. 

Q: Why do the directions on the Dead Sea Warehouse Bath Salts also say to soak "from 10 to NO MORE than 20 minutes"? 
A: Authentic, full mineral 100% Dead Sea Bath Salts are chock full of detoxifying minerals - and that is what you will find in all of our Dead Sea Warehouse Bath Salt products! It would be unwise to sit in such a mineral bath for longer than 20 minutes UNLESS you also sip water while doing so.

Annie Soaking in the Dead Sea IsraelAnnie Soaking in the Dead Sea Israel

Q: It also states that after my bath I should "Rinse"? Why?
A: Just standard good hygiene after soaking in a tub. Keep a plastic cup on the side of you tub, stand at the end of your soak, fill the plastic cup with clear, warm water and rinse a couple of times. It is not necessary to take a full shower. 

Q: Are these salts as good for psoriasis as I've heard? What is the protocol for if you have psoriasis? 
A: Well, that depends. A number of my clients utilize the Dead Sea research-supported psoriasis protocol to very good effect (one person in particular who had lithium-induced psoriasis had an amazing recovery in the 6 weeks!) I've had others tell me it didn't do a lot of good for them. What we do know is that Dead Sea bath salts help many people with psoriasis, so if you want to give it a try, we can make it VERY INEXPENSIVE for you! If nothing else, you will end up with all the other benefits that come from soaking regularly in high-concentrations of these amazing mineral salts. 

As for the protocol for psoriasis, I've seen research on the web and have seen results with the following: 4 cups/bath, 3 to 4 baths/week for 6 weeks. Best of luck and please do let us know if you find relief! (You may want to also consider incorporating our Dead Sea Warehouse Salt Soap into your everyday shower to help manage your psoriasis symptoms. Some of our customers have told us it has been very helpful in reducing the itching and scaling.)

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