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Customer Testimonial:
Dear Mrs. Cunningham,

I recently received the *sample kit* of products from the Dead Sea Warehouse. I rarely spend time sending my opinion on products because over the years, I've tried so many. This product is not like any other, it's truly unique and honestly, I saw changes immediately! I used the facial cleansing bar for oily skin (Mud Intensive Facial Care Bar) Let's face it (no pun intended) all oil free products leave your skin feeling dry! With the Dead Sea Bar, I didn't feel that way at all! Quite the opposite is true in fact and I noticed right away I had lost some wrinkles! Wrinkles! I have never found any cleanser to do that! EVER! I struggle with moisturizers to do that! Now, I know your products don't claim this, and its probably very expensive to do so, but I'm here to tell you and anyone else that will listen, that I really saw less wrinkles on my face and lines I've had on my neck the last couple years creeping in, were less apparent and haven't returned! I tried some of my other department store high end products in between just to check, and although I didn't feel the clean feeling I do with the dead sea bar, my lines still weren't as prevalent either! I'm sticking to my Dead Sea (Mud Intensive Facial Care) Bar, I'm going to lose all the lines and wrinkles I can! Thank you also for the fabulous Bath Salts and Mud Mask! Again, they are awesome products and create an invigorating feeling. Thank you so much for making these products. I owe my girlfriend a lobster dinner for referring me to you!

My Best Regards,
R.M. Belkin
Orange County , California

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Dead Sea Warehouse
Facial Care Bar

...Feel Better, Look Better, Be Better, Naturally!

If you suffer with VERY OILY FACIAL SKIN, Annie created this cleansing bar just for you!!

Amazingly Affordable, Amazingly Effective, ALL NATURAL

OILY FACE MAKING YOU CRAZY? Check this out! Dead Sea Warehouse MUD INTENSIVE Facial Care Bar is lovingly hand poured (at exactly 4 oz.**) just for the Oily Face crowd! This MUD INTENSIVE Facial Care Bar has more 100% Dead Sea Mud saturation than any commercial Dead Sea Mud Soap Annie is aware of. Developed for a family member, Annie put all her Dead Sea cleansing bar making knowledge into the creation of this MUD INTENSIVE cleansing bar. Dead Sea Mud is known for its ability to draw toxins to the surface and quickly clean them away PLUS help to keep oil flow under control between uses. Now the power of Dead Sea Mud is available in this easy to use MUD INTENSIVE Facial Care Bar.

No animal testing. Vegan.

Ingredients (INCI): Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, 100% Dead Sea Mud and lots of love!

Please Note: Dead Sea Warehouse is committed to non-gmo oils in their cleansing bar making. (Click Here for More Information).

Also, in support of the habitat of all wildlife and lives of the indigenous peoples of the jungles, Dead Sea Warehouse is committed to sourcing its Palm Oils for all cleansing bar making needs from suppliers who belong to the "Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil". (Click Here for a certificate from our supplier)

**Weight approx. 3.3 oz. after 3 month cure Also available in the larger "The Big Bar" version...click here

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