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Dead Sea Warehouse Amazing Minerals Original Salt Soap Face & Body Bar

Customer Testimonial:

I also have itchy skin this time of year due to my allergies, so I tried the Dead Sea Warehouse Original Face & Body Bar in the shower. It really helped soothe my skin and controlled the itching. These are both great products and I will definitely continue using them and recommending them to friends and family. I'm very happy that my friend introduced me to these great products!

Best Regards,
Karen K., Olathe KS

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Dead Sea Warehouse
Original "Face & Body" Bar

...Feel Better, Look Better, Be Better, Naturally!

Kiss the Itchies Goodbye!!!

Unlike any other Dead Sea Salt Soap in the marketplace!
Secret-Family Recipe!

Experience my WILDLY POPULAR skin-soothing Dead Sea Warehouse Original Face & Body Bar in our original 4 oz. poured bar**. Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil and loads of Dead Sea Minerals.....NO SCENT, NO COLORANTS...slowly and lovingly hand measured, stirred, poured, trimmed and packaged here in the U.S.A. Nothing prepared me for the market place excitement this simple, effective cleansing bar has created. Customers tell me they carry it with them at all times, even hide their cleansing bar from others. DISCOVER WHY...And Feel the Differences Immediately!

*Naturally soothing and non-drying for itch free skin!
*Dead Sea Minerals support clear, healthy, silken results!
*Hand measured, hand mixed, hand poured, hand trimmed, hand packaged here in the U.S. by well paid cleansing bar makers!
*Great for all skin types, face and body, especially sensitive skin!
*Unscented, Uncolored - naturally!

Be comfortable in your own skin, Naturally!

No animal testing. Vegan.

Ingredients (INCI): Saponified Oils of Olives, Palm and Coconut, Dead Sea Minerals.

Please Note: Dead Sea Warehouse is committed to non-gmo oils in their cleansing bar making. (Click Here for More Information).

Also, in support of the habitat of all wildlife and lives of the indigenous peoples of the jungles, Dead Sea Warehouse is committed to sourcing its Palm Oils for all cleansing bar making needs from suppliers who belong to the "Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil". (Click Here for a certificate from our supplier)

**Weight is approx. 3.5 oz. after 3 month cure. Also available in the larger "The Big Bar" version...click here

(And yes, many utilize this wonderful cleansing bar for their hair conditioning shampoo, too! Should you wish to do so, please be sure to shampoo and rinse twice the first use to thoroughly remove all build up from previous hair product use.)

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